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Karcher Scrubber BR 40/25 C Bp Pack

Karcher Scrubber BR 40/25 C Bp Pack

Karcher Scrubber BR 40/25 C Bp Pack

Model: BR 40/25 C Bp Pack

Manually-steered battery-operated floor scrubber with roller brushes with a performance up to 1600m2/h. For economic basic cleaning, maintenance cleaning and polishing of surfaces up to 800m2.

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The scrubber drier BR 40/25 C for small and blocked floors is equiped with the single knob operation EASY and very easy to maintain.It is very short and has a extremely small turning cycle. So it is exceptionally agile. It has a working scrubbing width of 400 mm. The BR 40/25 C is very quiet, simply to clean and the handle bar can be folded for easy transport. The straight squeegee is equipped with double sided rubber blades.

Features & Benefits

Ease of use
Self-explanatory icons and a clear control panel make the machine easy to understand, which increases productivity.
Easy to learn thanks to single button control [EASY].
Few controls make the machine easier to use.

Compact and manoeuvrable
Easy to handle.
Short wheelbase for maximum manoeuvrability.
With large push handle for easy manoeuvring.

With disc head
For smooth floors or sensitive surfaces.
Includes red medium-hard disc brush.
Suitable for numerous cleaning tasks. ␍Pads and pad driver plates are also available.

Easy to maintain
The dirty water tank has a large opening for easy cleaning.
Rollers can be replaced in a matter of seconds.
All components are quickly and easily accessible for servicing.

Technical data

Working width, brush (mm)
Working width, vacuum (mm)
Motor rating (A)
Battery Capacity (Ah)
Battery Voltage (V)
Tank fresh/dirt water (l)
Brush contact pressure (g/cm²)
Brush rotation speed (rpm)
Max. area performance (m²/h)
Frequency (Hz)
Voltage (V)
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)
800 x 575 x 830