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Clenco ST7 ltr tank turbo

Clenco ST7 ltr tank turbo

Clenco ST7 ltr tank turbo

Model: Clenco ST7

Heavey duty Vac with 15 mtr electric lead. Very quite motor.

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The vacuum power of the ST7 pro can be adjusted according to the floor conditions, as required. Environmentally friendly, energy consumption can be reduced by 0.5 kWh, saving of up to 40 percent.
The power cord is 15 m in length allowing you to work comfortably and efficiently.

Cleaning both hard floors and textile surfaces, the multidirectional rubber castor wheels at the front and rubber wheels at the rear side provide for steady maneuverability and low noise. The strong low pressure provides for consistently high suction power and is easy to use via a large foot-operated switch with the accessories stored conveniently at the rear of the appliance, always to hand.

The filter basket and the exhaust air filter can be rinsed out and exchanged easily and this cleaner is so easy to transport.