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Clenco Backpac

Clenco Backpac

Clenco Backpac

Model: Clenco Backvac

Powerful suction,with flexible straps ventilated back support are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort.

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Stunning Sleek Design - 4.2KG
Ventilated and Ergonomic Back Support combined with waist harness makes for weightless vacuuming.
Adjustable rubber shoulder straps with removable lambswool covers
Custom disposable paper bag slot to reduce mess within the vacuum
Easy and smooth Push and Pop Lid
Noise Dampening design within motor cocoon making it the QUIETEST backpack vacuum on the market.
Detachable side filters and internal filter makes for easy maintenance.
Cable Restraint to maintain integrity of the lead for longer, and allow a change of lead by ANYONE!
Light on/off switch, to know if power is coming through to the machine.
If you want to use a power brush, you can plug it directly into the auxiliary power outlet on the machine. The power brush will then start when you switch on the backvac.
Short End lead to replace and reconnect extension lead