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Karcher Petrol Waterblasters| Hot and Cold waterblasters | Auckland Water Blasters

Karcher Petrol Waterblasters| Hot and Cold waterblasters | Auckland Water Blasters

To ensure your waterblaster has a long and happy life it is critical to get a few of the basics correct first and to spend 5 minutes reading this water blaster tips page. Karcher, Nilfisk, Alto, Bertollini, Pressure pro Water Blasters are all high quality units however they still require servicing and if you look after your water blaster you will get a long life with reliability and performance as a key factor.

Here are some tips from our Water Blaster Service Manager

Fresh water is critical to having a well performing machine and often we have clients coming in with the all too common problem of low water pressure. Here is the main reason we find that water blasters have problems with water pressure. Blocked filters. Always use a water filter on your machine to protect the water blaster from contaminated incoming water supply. It is very important to make sure the water source is good and contains no contaminants that will interfere with the water pressure and potentially cause pump damage.
There must not be a non-return (total stop) valve fitted to the garden hose to ensure pump damage is not an issue
Having a power extension lead that has no circuit breaker fitted or that lays on areas where it can be damaged can be dangerous and potentially cause damage to the machine and place human life at risk. The below conductor cross-sections are recommended for extensions:
1-10 meter a minimum conductor cross-section of 1.5mm2
10-30 meter a minimum conductor cross-section of 2.5mm2

Always ensure that the water supply to the water blaster is turned on, and the filter is clean and undamaged before switching on
Your garden hose (water supply hose) must be a minimum of 7.5 meters long and no longer than 30 meters to ensure the pump is not over worked
Ensure the high pressure hose and electrical cords are free and have no obstructions before every use
When you have finished using the water blaster, switch off the machine and turn off the power before turning the water off, then squeeze the trigger to release the pump pressure. This takes the pressure of the pump when the machine is not being used and will protect the seals and gaskets for the future.

Read the instruction manual carefully, and keep for future reference and warranty purposes

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Service and Sales of water Blasters

Water Blaster Parts

At Complete Services Ltd we have a comprehensive range of Karcher Water Blaster Parts and parts for Alto, Bertolini and Nilfisk waterblasters. We can also service all brands of water blasters including Karcher Water Blaster. We carry in stock most parts including parts for Bertolini sprayers, high pressure hoses, wands, seals, gaskets and many other parts. If we donít have the water blaster part then we have ahuge netword of suppliers to get the part quickly and to ensure you are not down for too long. As mentioned we service Alto Nilfisk as well plus the many other brands shown on our waterblaster service page.

Our 20 odd years of being in the water blaster business in Auckland means we know the machines and can give you expert help on servicing and maintaining your waterblaster plus tips on how to make them last longer.

As we are an approved karcher agent, Karcher Water Blaster Parts are usually in stock and readily available however if we do not have the part you require, rest assured that we can get it very quickly ensuring your downtime is limited.

We have parts for all the old models as well and second hands parts if required.

Please have the following handy when ordering Karcher parts.
1. Model number of your machine eg. K4.98 (normally on machine cover)
2. Part Number of machine eg. 1.345-345.0 (found on silver plate mostly on bottom of machine)
3. Result is faster more efficient service everytime.

At Complete Services we have been dealing in Karcher Water Blasters since 1990 and have a wide range of parts and machines for you. contact Us today